Phoenix Consultants – 3D printing to support the NHS

Luke and I were reached out to by the local Gloucestershire co-ordinator for 3D Crowd UK asking if we still had access to our printers and if we could help print PPE. The plan is to send off our batch to their distribution centre for them to send out to where they are needed most. You can find out more on 3D Crowd here:

We have been working from home and overcoming a lot of issues caused by the coronavirus, luckily Luke and I shared the kit between us and took the printer home so we have been able to keep working and print parts for protective visors.

The file that we are using is the latest version of Prusa Research’s protective face shield design as this has been approved by the Czech Ministry of Health and is now widely accepted as the standard design. You can find more on this here:

We are printing these in PETg as this is a food-safe material with similar strength properties as ABS, it has also been advised that it is the least likely to harbour the virus! We mainly use this material anyway as it is fully recyclable and follows our sustainability policy.

Unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of visors that we can make as we are running low on material and there is now a UK wide shortage of 3D printer filament because of the call to create PPE. We have been informed that the material we need will be re-stocked in 2 to 3 weeks but we will get as many made as we can with what we have!

Keep safe.


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