Tewkesbury 2021 Festival – make a coat of arms in scratch

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Welcome to the innovation lab’s 2021 Tewkesbury Together activity!

Every year Tewkesbury’s amazing Battle Field Society volunteers repair and create hundreds of authentic medieval flags showing the heraldry of the fighters in the Battle of Tewkesbury.

You can see them hanging from the buildings in the centre of Tewkesbury in the summer.

You can learn more about how they are made, and see some pictures over on Tewkesbury town’s website.

We’ve made a scratch game to teach you a little bit about how to make a coat of arms that follows the heraldry rules.

When you’ve finished playing, don’t forget to ‘look inside‘ and see how we did it.

What would you like to teach people about? Why not have a go at making a game like this one?

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